The Place of Wonders Project

The Place of Wonders is a project that marks a paradigm shift in how The Place Firenze relates to its guests and to the City whose culture and energy it channels. Nurturing the local community, celebrating and supporting its makers and visionaries, The Place Firenze is now much more than a Hotel. For its guests, it has become both the portal and the architect of rich, immersive experiences and transformative encounters.
The Place of Wonders is the precursor of a new approach to hospitality. we have dared to dream of a hotel that is not simply a ‘people container’ but a pollinator, a partner and supporter of projects we believe in, of small communities that craft beauty, of the social and cultural fabric that makes Florence unique.

For this reason, we have created a Fund, one that will be sustained both by the owners of The Place Firenze and, on a voluntary basis, by guests, to back worthy projects and to translate our convictions and vision into tangible solidarity and support.

Follow us on this journey, we are sure you’ll see one full of wonder and beauty.