The Place of Wonders foundation is a project created by the Babini family with a mission to preserve, protect, and promote the vanishing tradition of Italian craft.

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Thanks to its knowledge of the best craft workshops in Italy, the foundation funds scholarships, initiatives and training opportunities for many young talents in Italy, students and aspiring craftsmen. A commitment in collaboration with schools and academies of excellence in Florence, Venice and other Italian cities of art. Together, united to defend an artistic, social and cultural heritage of the highest level.

In Florence, the foundation promotes exclusive visits to historic workshops that keep the local craft tradition alive, highlighting the skills, hard work and incredible charm of these workshops. 100% of the costs paid by guests for these unique experiences curated by The Place of Wonders Foundation goes directly into the foundation fund, which finances a series of three-year scholarships for Italian students to attend LAO - Le Arti Orafe - Florence’s finest craft school.

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We invite you to join us in our mission to prevent the loss of Italy's rich craft heritage and protect its artisans by donating to The Place of Wonders Foundation. We are so grateful for your generous support.

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