A visit to the historic center of Florence is a unique experience in its own, but to stay in the heart of this renowned city at 5-star hotel The Place is actually a dream.

The 5 star luxury hotel is located in the city center of Florence, in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in downtown.

The cozy, familial atmosphere of the rooms and the all-day dining proposed by the Bar-Restaurant is unique.

The suites are furnished with style, detail and elegance and amazing views from the windows cast over the square and the city beyond.

A stay at the 5 star luxury hotel The Place in Florence is as comfortable and familiar as checking in to a long-lived home.

The most popular square in Florence, which holds the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, is the perfect frame for this 5-star hotel in downtown; an extraordinary location at once very sophisticated while also comfortable and private.

The hospitality of this hotel will amaze you with great attention to detail and an always personable approach, leaving guests pampered and fully relaxed.

You can bask in the timeless charm of Florence, its unique history, art and culture at this 5 star luxury hotel where time doesn't exist.

In the hotel The Place you are suspended in a dreamy atmosphere where you can truly live the very best of the city of Florence.

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