Are you planning a stay in beautiful Florence and would you like to enjoy the city in all of its artistic and cultural splendor? Great, you can choose the Hotel The Place and a luxury suite overlooking Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

There, in the heart of the city center’s downtown, the endless beauty of Florence and the luxury suite will take you on a journey while overlooking Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

The Hotel The Place is designed for those seeking out the heart and soul of the city and wanting much more than a hotel.

The elegance of the hotel The Place is only part of the unbelievable stay that awaits you, you will be pleasantly taken by a feeling of familiarity, like the comforts of a well-kept home.

The cozy, intimate and relaxing atmosphere of this hotel will leave you at a loss for words. And it's not over...

The suites have stunning views overlooking Piazza Santa Maria Novella and the rooftops of the city; a mesmerizing landscape that will be leave you breathless.

Your stay in a luxury suite contemplating from your window the stunning Piazza Santa Maria Novella will be a truly memorable experience.

Your visit to Florence becomes an unforgettable escapade by choosing this place...The Place to be.

Book a luxury suite with an amazing view over the Florentine skyline and the most famous square in Florence, you won't regret it.

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