In the splendid city center of Florence, hidden amongst the picturesque skyline, lies a gem: the panoramic loft of the hotel The Place.

This hotel is located in the heart of Firenze with gorgeous rooms and suites that will leave you immersed in the cultural heart of the city with all of the comforts of a refined home.

The hotel’s panoramic loft is a comfortable, light-filled space of around 50 square meters, draped over two levels and boasting a unique, front-row view of Piazza Santa Maria Novella and its namesake church.

In this elegant and stylish design hotel located in downtown Florence, modern comfort blends perfectly with the charming timeless echo of the Renaissance.

The Kitchen & The Bar is the ideal scenario to living Firenze like a local and get to the heart of this wonderful city, thanks to artisanal food producers, fresco breakfast, traditional cocktails at the Italian golden hour. 

The awesome pleasure to stay al fresco in the rarefied and magical light of a sunset in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, become new and popular daily rituals. 

The cozy and intimate atmosphere that you can breathe at The Place hotel will make everything memorable.

In this luxury panoramic loft you can live Firenze at its most authentic, from habitats, to culture and art.

The glorious past of this elegant city will weave into your relaxing present.

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